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Dawn L.Brown: Bear rehabilitation ,and behavioral researcher.

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Neonate cub Patten 10oz (221 feedings in 21 days)
He was born (January 1st,2nd,or 3rd in 2007-umbilical cord attached)

I/Dawn L. Brown am Sole A Proprietor DBA A Bears Second Chance Is My new business)



Those whom missrepresent me - I will expose them




3 cubs arrived 5-29-12
Immediate care is very time consuming..I had hydrated the cubs,and they did well:o)




The Bear Facts




Dawn & Michael & Our Tracker pup (April ,2010)
Tracker found another moose antler/shed



 I/Dawn L. Brown am A Bears Second Chance and I look forward to marketing my bear photos products,and  I too am the only caretaker and observer of the bears that I, rehabilitate ,and I would appreciate that being Noted!

 I am very grateful for My husband Michael & We  have been married for 33 years! NOTE: He knows the work I do with bears is my business though, and he doesn't try to step on my toes - Like others do at times. The bears are my outlet and I simply want to run my business without any glitches /or misinformation that may be out there /or had been floating around on the worldwide web /or with any entities as well ,and /or others.Hope that is understood!! 

Me & My Husband Michael have have resided/lived in  New Sharon Maine for 29 years,  and I am so thankful and blessed that  we bought the land, and then built our cozy home in the middle of the woods. We will do our best to keep our privately owned land just as it is. I am sure that others who choose to develop in the wild areas of  Maine will do the very best that they can do to make corridors for wildlife, keeping habitat in place the best they can ,but it truly is their decision and should be on all levels.  Maine's landscape is made up of allot of privately owned land , and to me that is of good! Of course I am a strong believer in the right of those whom work hard for and pay for their privately owned land : As I have , and my husband = we are land owners. Life liberty & the pursuit of land "happiness"  I am thankful and blessed for living my dream of  rehabilitating/monitoring, and caring for bears intensely, and for owning my private land; where the bears have 5 acres to explore.  

Me & My husband working on fence on my/our land





Monitor cameras back in 2006
I purchased monitor & cams back then with personal $

peering while nestled in the blackberry patch
6-12-09 Cub lubec went into rehabilitation (approximately 4 and 1/2months,hewas released at 9 months


" Ice the bear" Time gives answers to questions.
Dawn L. Brown:Maine Bear Rehabilitation,Behavioral Researcher
My address , Job Description,..
Dawn L. Brown
DBA A Bears Second chance
90 Mountain Road 
New Sharon, Maine 04955
Home 207.778.2902
Cell 207.578.0616

I am a Bear rehabilitator + researcher = immediate care necessary,feeding,watering,continuous cleaning during bear cub stages + Daily observation with all bear cubs,and yearlings as I document their development in my 5 acre natural habitat facility where bears can be bears - on my/our land = mine & my husbands private land/property - we have resided in New Sharon full time for 29 years this is my/our home and property . I love observing bears and behavioral research = monitoring bears development on a daily basis,keeping an eye on them for any potential health issues,and I focus my attention greatly by monitoring their repetitive instinctive /or other - behavioral patterns.I document everything! I will make a note of how I am very grateful for my husband in reference to him helping me build my dream come true bear rehabilitation facilities,but he will clearly say to anyone out there ; that I run things around here in reference to anything to do with my/the bears...I also do all the books,bills,and always have...I am the only caretaker for the rehabilitation of orphaned/ neonatal cubs,and any immediate care for any bear + the primary caretaker for older cubs,yearlings,and also injured bears e.g. I am Consistent/accurate, with the intense feeding schedule of neonates/bottle babies, and any other immediate care for older cubs that is necessary for success. I observe, and document behavior, and development/growth rates = I am a bear behavioral researcher,and educator! I have posted several educational you tube videos on bear cub behavior ,care,and development.I AM BEAR PHOTOGRAPHER = I AM IN THE PROCESS OF MARKETING MY BEAR PHOTOS/SELLING PRODUCT: CALENDARS,NOTE-CARDS,CHRISTMAS CARDS,AND OTHER PRODUCTS AS TIME GOES ON AND EVEN HAVE A GALLERY LORD WILLING. NOTE: For those whom are interested in bears and would like to learn more about them;let me know. My Email Is:  dawnlindabrown@earthlink.net  My home phone Is # 207-778-2902 My Cell 207.578.0616 It Is vital to educate-get the word out! If libraries,State Parks,Conservation Groups,Public Schools, Private Schools,Home Schoolers,Charter Schools, Universities,Schools of Faith,Churches, The Scouts,and others whom are interested In learning about bear rehabilitation,development, and behavior,and conservation,and what it consist of.I will gladly try to schedule a time frame that works; I do work for a living installing floors with my husband we are in business,but I will do the best I can to schedule presentations in between work and wildlife rehabilitation,research.I keep track of the financial records & cost e.g. materials, labor, and other data/book keeping i.e. any necessary legalities/fees.I keep track of all bills = Insurance, accounting, consulting,cost/I keep track of monnies and whatever else is necessary. All time has in past has been near 100% volunteer for 17 years = no earning/benefits. I prefer now to just run my own business. NOTE: THE BEARS I CARE FOR AND OBSERVE - I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THEIR BEST INTEREST AT HEART = THEY HAVE THE BEST LIFE ANY BEAR CUB AND /OR YEARLING COULD HAVE - UNDER MY CARE AND OBSERVATION;THAT IS SIMPLY A FACT!  










 I document bear cub care,development,behavior.I participate with seminars, presentations, media outreach, to educate the public about what I do=bear rehabilitation & behavior research, and the importance of conservation,wildlife management.. I  gather information/data that is collected from : The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & wildlife bear biologist & study group in reference to how my bears are doing in the wild;that I had rehabilitated,and and observed-I like to know if my methods are working and are successful and  YES; IT IS LOOKING GOOD!:o)Take Note:Data changes from one year to another,and bears need natural food source abundance/good habitat;by understanding variations that can indeed occur;I look at the bears I rehab comparably to how other bears are doing within the study areas,and/or other. I also take note of the condition of how bears arrive to me in need of care;often having come from different parts of the State/regions/landscape,and how they arrived and why.Time corresponding informs me of any data/documentation that the biologist collect from my bears while living in the wild = good, bad or indifferent, to help
better  understand what rehabilitation methods I use are working, while too taking into consideration the compatibility/differences between my rehabilitated bears and other wild bears within a certain habitat,and territory,and how they are all faring comparable to the bears I rehabilitated (Year variation)I am also able to gather data from satellite links along with the biologist.I now have/own 4 collars,and pay allaccruing cost. Me & my husband Michael do all the maintenance needed on my bear pens, and the bear immediate care building.I feel blessed having one of the best bear facilities in the country on my private property.We work on the facilities on our private property,and we add cameras, and do all the maintenance necessary to keep my facilities in good condition.  
My dreams have come true by owning one of the best largest bear facilities in the country, and love caring for bears in need of help ,and observing them.I hope to continue this journey of learning from the bears for a very long time!

I/ Dawn L. Brown am continuously learning, and growing on what obstacles that may take place during the wildlife rehabilitation process...I have learned much all on my own, just from what I have had the opportunity to witness.I do consider  myself a bear rehabilitation & behavioral research expert; I have documented a great deal over the years and need to get my book published once I coplete it; I try very hard to not get attached to the bears,but none the less-each hold a special place in my heart and it is near impossible to not get attached - for I am only human. I focus my attention greatly on what is in the best interest of the bears though and always will. I feel very blessed having an opportunity to care for ,and observe bears in their element,it has without a doubt helped me to better understand their behavior,and how they develop,adapt and react to different situations. I hope to continue doing this for many more years :o) I keep documentation on everything that I am able to witness with bear behavior,and development.I do not have a college degree, nor am I a biologist on paper that is,but I am to be reckoned and have gathered more data than most whom have gotten a degree for thesis = I am greatly self taught,and an out of the box thinker for sure..I certainty have a passion for learning,and no one can take that away from me! I would like to thank my husband Michael for understanding  my passion for bear rehabilitation,and also his understanding with the time I spend with documenting bear behavior,and with corresponding with others..He enjoys being in the woods, and too has respect for all wildlife,and he too is an avid hunter.I greatly appreciate,and respect all his help with the up keep with my beautiful bear facilities Note : I do allot of it myself as well. It Is a dream come true for me to have one of the largest bear facilities In the Country . I take photos of the bears I care for and observe because I have a great opportunity ; being the only caretaker and observer. Much thanks goes to Individuals whom have contributed their knowledge and time (In reference to what bear biology consist of = I  correspond with Maine bear biologist Randy Cross mainly,and others whom work in that field Note : what I do and biologist do differ in some instances = I focus my attention with bear cub development and repetitive behavioral patterns,.... ) I have tried to communicate with others whom  rehabilitate bears,and though we certainly tend to see things a bit differently from one another ;that is okay. As I stated - I simply document my bear cub care, bear development, and repetitive behavioral patterns - everything that I have an opportunity to witness, and have my observations backed up with monitoring cams, and video that I take = proof...( I do consider myself a biologist/or bear researcher in regard to the specific research I have done over the years and continue) 

Thanks goes to other biologist that I have never spoken with; Just read their books/literature, and gained much knowledge! Such as Bear biologist Jeff Fair & Lynn Rogers /The Great American Bear, (Wildlife Monographs-A publication of the wildlife society:Effects of food supply and kinship on social behavior,movements,and population growth of black bears in Northeastern Minnesota--by biologist Lynn Rogers) Bear biologist Terry Debruyn /Walking With Bears, Bear biologist John Beecham & Jeff Rohlman /Shadow In The Forest,Bear biologist Craig Mclaughlin, Ken Elowe, and many others .... I believe our focus is all near the same ,but we may see and learn individual insights = having different hands on experiences.I would like to reckon hunters, and conservationist too for their knowledge of bears and other wildlife species;they truly understand what goes on out there in the wilderness. We may see/observe bear behavior a bit different, just as we are all a bit different from one another. I look at statistics while also looking for something new in behavior, and  I try to learn from it ! The bears continue to teach me! They are my true educators = I go directly to the source - not speculation - it keeps me safe. I am greatly a self taught educated individual,and I have learned a great deal from time, trial and error,and truly believe that certain data I have collected would have never have been documented if I had given up.I see some folks who rehabilitate bears: (have none or little presence with very good results)( others try to teach bears- to learn their skills; also having a fairly good success rate)( others;a happy medium -letting the cubs be observed by video,and or monitor cameras, but at the same time trying to figure out what they do while no one is watching  & quote ;this is my philosophy. None of us are going to stop learning..,and I truly believe just knowing  this gives me inspiration ! I am in hope that we will all learn a bit from one another peacefully,and set any differences we have aside!Note : what I document though is what I document and it is my data. I enjoy wildlife rehabilitation consisting of care and observation, and I believe record keeping is indeed critical = I keep most all my records on paper and video, and too eventually type some of it out and share on my fb, website, and you-tube channel(BUT NOT ALL). Repetitive behavior Is my focus! My true dreams are to learn absolutely everything I can about black bear cub/yearling behavior and development-Seeing their capabilities at different stages of their development ,Maturity and so on; greatly through the eyes of a camera /or from  a distance where I can observe uninterrupted bear cub,and yearling behavior for the most part. By having 5 acres of bear habitat fenced in - I can actually see/witness how bear cubs develop,and behave naturally and instinctively. 3,4...month old cubs can climb 70 feet up in a tree and swim across a pond,forage,hide and just be bears, it is like a dream come true! I always dreamt I would have the opportunity to having something to do with bears ,and truly believe this is my fate;I have been curious about black bears since childhood. Later on in life you tend to look at things that captured your curiosity but never pursuit..Later in years I have succeeded to live out my dream by having persistence, and determination;being at times it seemed as though all odds were against me for whatever reason,and still at times seems that way - it is not right... All it does is descourage me ,but luckily I will not let it get the best of me,and actually what that does - Indeed only makes me more driven to succeed - thus NOT allowing roadblocks /or special interest to get in my way. I feel blessed to have stayed on track,and more importantly to have never given up on my vision and dreams of what I, as an individual believe in, and what is indeed in the best interest of the bears that I care for and observe. My first bear in rehabilitation was a cub in 1997,but I did not have the proper facilities;so from then on  my intense focus was to work real hard to fulfill my expectations;thus I have succeeded to now have constructed one of the largest bear facilities in 2006 with the help of my husband ,and another 2 acres added in 2013. I am hoping bear cubs, and/ or yearlings will now go to me because: MY RECORD KEEPING AND DATA THAT I GATHER IS 2nd TO NONE! IN REGARD TO BEAR REHABILITAION/CARE & OBSERVATION. I always figured working real hard to accomplish not only building one of the best bear rehabilitation facilities,but too having the care 2nd to none,and I truly believe there is no one out there that documents any more meticulous and thorough than I = I am very disciplined,and believe truth and accuracy Is what will prevail = THE TRUTH. Bears should simply go to me ,but I have, had forgotten how so often we live in a world now; that everyone gets a trophy, and it does not matter how hard you work/or how disciplined and concise.I never back down from what I believe in - This is my dream,and I will always stand my ground,and I believe in making everyone accountable for their actions.I will always be truthful with what I do and who I am and never cover up anything = I am transparent because of my Faith.       

The black Bear Ursus Americanus is what I specialize in (specific species) and  what I typically only have the time for;considering I am self employed and work for a living Installing floors with my husband. I believe focusing my attention strictly on bears - that I will have a better chance of learning much more about Maine Black Bears/and yes; I call them my bears when they are in my care at my facilities and beyond. By just rehabilitating,and observing  bears ;I will be able to focus all my attention on that particular species:documentation,behavioral research,.. My 5 black bear pen/facilities are for bears! NOTE: I ALSO PHOTOGRAPH MY BEARS AND HOPE MY BUSINESS THRIVES.I AM IN THE PROCESS OF SELLING MY BEAR PHOTOS /PRODUCTS.    

I will no longer be rehabilitating other species.My time and effort will be strictly focused on rehabilitating bear cubs,and yearlings and documenting their behavior and development while in my care/rehabilitation,and I look forward to marketing my bear photos/products as well, and hope my little business prospers.


"Living wild" Hey that's my clover! While momma was not around ,I was able to get this photo-It was interesting to observe this species in the wild-the mother will often leave for an extended period of time ;or at least out of sight.I was able to photograph/video tape them while she was nursing the little duffer-something not very often seen.. 


Moose,Deer,sign....Oh My! Being in the woods-our passion."Just does somthing to your soul"

Momma & baby porcupine

whitetail Deer bed down

"The North"
Awww..Breath Taken!

Deer Hair caught in a maple sapling

"Winter wonderland"
Back woods Late January Winter 2010


Moose bed down ,and droppings.Look below and you will see what moose do to saplings/young trees-they will often chew the bark clean off,while also brousing the tips of young saplings-this helps them to survive the long winter (an adult moose will forage on 40 lbs of brouse a day) Maine has the largest moose poulation in the U.S. outside of Alaska.In the spring/summer they will brouse/forage on the leaves,and saplings while also enjoying the aquatic vegetation in the swamps,lakes,ponds,and streams.(Brouse /saplings comes from trees being harvested from logging)(Bull Moose will also srape ,and snap,and tear apart saplings during the rut/breeding season.Always be cautious with moose during rut.) 


Waking up to a fresh cup of coffee what do you see? Moose! We seen;I believe a momma cow, and her yearling? It is known though that cow moose are getting ready to have their calves soon-so these two may possibly be from last year(making them yearlings),and  have just  been kicked out from an adult cow moose getting ready to calve.The one on the left was definitely bigger-so it is a bit tough to say; the photo does not do it justice.They were checking out our deck,then they went by the fire pit, and scurried off into the woods-They look pretty ratty at this stage; spring molting,and black fly season,tics...They have it a bit tough! especially after the snowy long winter we had this year- reaching snow depths of 5+ feet.They will soon have their beautiful coats as time goes on,and enjoy browsing on all the new saplings,vegetation in the ponds,and enjoy the warm breezes; keeping the bugs at bay.What a wonderful sight

No beaver tree huggers here;beaver harvesters
"White Ash Tree"

Check out the Moose Sheds below!

Mission Statement: Updated-I hadnt updated this for quite sometime=I still had 23000 bears estimated in Maine = that indeed was an old estimate.I too updated more so no one gets confused...:o) 

Mission:Is to have a black bear rehabilitation facility for cubs that have been orphaned due to:
  • Death of the mother by natural causes, hunting, or collision with a vehicle. 
  • Logging operations disturbing or destroying a den Ÿ   A consequence of death or separation of an adult female that the defenseless cubs are left to fend for themselves   First time mothers abandoning their dens and cubs, or  Natural separation as a result of dens being flooded or other disturbances unless they are found and taken to a wildlife rehabilitator for care and housing, medical treatment, and eventual release into the wild.Transitioning black bear cubs back to the wild, and for observing and monitoring rehabilitated bears. With support of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife UPDATE: Support does not mean run by MDIFW in any way,but it does mean that they appreciate the efforts involved with this process. UPDATE: We/Me & my husband Michael  went from fencing in 3 acres back in 2006 to now an additional 2 acres in 2013 = 5 acres,and in 2013 we did get some help for a day working on the 2 acre enclosure,but Take Note:Most all labor work and facility upkeep is done by us.My beautiful bear pen contains good habitat for bears to forage on -there are many different natural food sources such as green up,beech nuts, acorns, maple keys, ants larvae, hazelnut  and a few berry bushes…. and a small vernal pool full of nutrients -while also having a pond to swim (bears love water). Our future goal is to fence in, even another large area and create what bears need most? space! 


  • I will educate the general public about bear behavior and development, while understanding  the vital importance of  wildlife conservation and management . Habitat loss continues, we need to Focus on the facts (educate  the public about  how  we can  live with this incredible species among us ,while also  knowing bears need  enough  habitat capacity that is able to sustain them .)
  • Another important issue that I will strive to have the  general public be aware of  Is to understand the hardships of nature itself, predation from other species is not pretty! an animal can be dragged down, and sadly  be alive for an implausible  amount of time,seen it , It is very sad... If we let certain species thrive, they will intern devastate other stable populations (this is where wildlife management comes into place).Winter is also very harsh- Maine can loose up to 30% of the deer population.Having good habitat  also plays a role / factor on how they may do...Some wild animals starve to death in the wild each year.For those who have not spent time in the woods to acknowledge/witness something as such ? it can be a bit difficult for them to absorb.We need to learn all sides of what happens in the wild- good ,bad or indifferent, and have an understanding of what is real and what is not.
  • How many animals die each year from vehicles,how many people die from animal crashes. MDIFW has records on wildlife collisions.Moose & Deer are high on the list.Bear vehicle collisions are fairly low on the scale.


  •   I personally do not hunt bear, and never will, but I am open minded, and continue to focus my attention along with others to educate the public on what is in the best interest of the bears, and the people of Maine. Many more bears live than die.Approximately 3,000 to 4,000 bears are harvested each year ;the good news is that there are between 29,000/31,000  bears that live in Maine to date.A Maine Black Bears odds are fairly good  with making it through the bear season! Though the bears, and other species will still also have to deal with some of  the  hardships that exist within nature itself.     
    •      Management for Bears consist of : hunting seasons along with other regulated hunting seasons on game species e.g., Moose ,Deer,and other species...they are monitored closely,while many folks who head into the woods to go hunting are enjoying a   wholesome heritage,  and  tradition , and also putting healthy food on the table for those who believe in the hunt. It also provides  "game wildlife species" to stay at a healthy and stable population- preventing disease,overpopulation.....while also realizing any good hunter focuses their attention on a quick humane kill "that is  there intention." Those who break the law and/or are unethical -They are not a real hunter to me, and they will get caught.


    1997 My first bear cub in rehabilitation
    The cub that got away

    The beavers are at work! (yellow birch tree)
    Our back woods beaver bog (April 2010)

    Porcupine devoured this beech tree
    The cambium layer is gone -this tree will not survive


    Time spent out in our back woods...The woods teaches us

    Moose chews to the left. Beaver choping to the right

    Snowshoe hare bunny chews (April 2010 back woods)
    Rabbits will devour the cambium on saplings as far as eyes can see in the woods.

    Bunny winter food source.
    Look close and you can see the chew marks